GI-150CNC 系列

  • CNC controlling 2 axis of table left, right feed and grinding wheel federate. X-axis closed-loop design, applying 0..05μm resolution linear scale to ensure the positioning and repeatability accuracy of the feeding axis.
  • Apply linear guide that enables fine feed of 0.1μm, the minimum setting unit of both table guide face and cut guide face. By improving position definition and repetition accuracy, power on edge face and dead-end grinding is brought out.
  • With certain tension and regardless to grinding resistance, belt of grinding wheel spindle is expanded and without slippage that its rotation accuracy is improved.
  • Chuck core is as low as 1000mm,change such as work disconnection, grinding wheel replacement is easy and without troublesome.
說明/型號 GI-150CNC
加工能力 內圓研磨範圍 mm Ø6~Ø150 (Ø0.25"~Ø6")
最大研磨深度 mm 125(5")
最大距修砂旋徑 mm Ø220 (8.6")
夾頭護罩旋徑 mm Ø260 (10.2")
主軸中心高 mm 1050 (41.3")
夾頭型式 inch 6" Hydraulic Chuck (Opt. 8")
最大荷重 kg 50 (110lbs)
主輪台 主輪轉速(可變) rpm 30~1000
旋轉角度 C.W.15°~C.C.W.5°
伺服馬達 kw 1.5
X軸 回饋系統 密閉回路
行程 mm 200(7.9")
快速移動速度 M/min 8
最小進給量 mm 0.001 (0.0001")
伺服馬達 KW 1.8
Z軸 砂輪主軸馬達 KW 2.2 (2P)
砂輪主軸轉速 rpm 8,000~30,000
行程 mm 560 (22")
Z軸驅動裝置 伺服馬達 1.8kw
快速移動速度 M/min 8
最小進給量 mm 0.001 (0.0001")
冷卻系統 配置 電磁濾清機 (opt.紙袋)
水箱容量 L 120
處理量 L/min 40
幫浦 HP 1/4 (4P)
潤滑系統 油箱容量 L 2
幫浦 w 45
油壓系統 油箱容量 L 26
幫浦HP 1 (4P)
包裝尺寸/重量 機台護罩型式 全密式
淨重 kg 3500 (7716lbs)
毛重 kg 4000 (8818lbs)
長x寬x高 mm 2980 × 2280 × 2250 (117" × 90" × 88")

* 我們保留修改上述任何機器規格的權利,恕不另行通知。

  • HYD. 3-Jaw Chuck
  • I.D Spindle (Various Rpm)
  • MAG. SEP. &Paper Filter
  • Paper Filter
  • 砂輪自動平衡