About Supertec

Supertec Machinery Inc.
Founded in 1954. With the help of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1995, Supertec successfully built up the Taiwan’s very first CNC Angular Cylindrical Grinding Machine. In 2003, Supertec received the ISO 9001~2000 certificates. Close-Loop Linear Motor CNC Profile Grinder and Electronic system producing equipment are on the process of researching. In 2007, Supertec moved into Central Taiwan Science Park, with the new factory to start a brand new page.
Supertec has been putting great effort on building up machines
Supertec machines that are not only with high precision but also high efficiency. Supertec’s cylindrical grinders has always been best in Taiwan. Not only in the nation, but also competing with brands from all over the world. In 2001, we stepped into China, stably expand to the Chinese market. At the same time, we started to built up the market and service network world wide; Customers are getting the fastest service and the best technical support.
Operation Concepts
Supertec Machinery, Inc. has been dedicating to the main principle of "sustainable development, innovation, growth and excellence" business philosophy and "Thanksgiving, cherish, dedicated, responsible for" the spirit of enterprise. The spirit of focusing on the industry's development, continuous research and innovation, develop higher value-added products to meet customer needs.
Improving the company's competitiveness in the market
In recent years, Supertec actively participate in the industrial sectors as well as governmental and academic research and development projects in order to develop key technologies and the diversification of products to cater to the needs of the international market, improving the company's competitiveness in the market for the company's sustainability, and inject the momentum.
Quality is our goal
Employees are our gold
Quality Policy

Quality is not only the essential factor of enterprise but also our mandatory promise to our customers. Supertec Machinery has been putting great effort to ensure the finest and the best quality, upgrading our analysis, speculation, and precision standards of our machines in order to provide the best products. Qualified for ISO 9001 and CE mark is the result of our hard endeavors. Inspection is not the only factor of high quality. Each and every step of the process on building the machine is equally and extremely important. Every person that is involved on building the machine has high standard self-examination. Members of the inspection department strictly inspect items from the beginning to the end.

The whole series of the examination process is set to make sure our quality remains perfect and to is expected to achieve our promise to our customers. In the future, Supertec Machinery will continue to improve and provide the best service.