• 3 HP V3 grade spindle motor for powerful output to achieve precision work standards and better grinding capability.
  • Cartridge spindle w/4 preloaded class 7(p4) bearings and run-out of taper nose better than 0.000060” T.I.R. provides quiet, vibration free operation for better work pieces accuracy.
  • Optional 0.000050” micro down feed and micro cross feed.
  • Ergonomic vertical handwheel are designed at the waist level height.
  • The steel ball way table travels and ground guide ways ensures smooth, easy movement of table.
  • Double V cross ways are hand scraped and Turcite coated for absolute flatness and high wear resistance.
  • All castings are tempered and stress relieved twice to assure stability of the machine structure and resist deflection under load.
  • Hardened & ground column ways with cast spindle slide is precision fit for no “hang-up” gravity downfeed.
  • PLC control uses a menu-driven LCD touch screen is easy to learn and easy to set. Simply fill in the blanks to set total grinding amount, rough increment, fine increment, sparkout passes, feeding direction, parking position, wheelhead retract distance, and press cycle start to complete automatic grinding cycle. (CII models only)
  • Grinding cycles for CII model: semi-automatic, surface, plunge, & crisscross.
  • Index table handwheel for ease of operation.(618M only)
  • Work table flatness shall be within 0.00012”.
  • The table reversal is actuated by non-contact proximity switches, and hydraulically powered, table speed is infinitely variable.(except 618M)


The automatic lubrication system continuously floods saddle & column ways, bearings, and lead screws for better machine performance and less maintenance.


General CapacityTable Size (mm)150 × 450 (6" × 8")
Max. Grinding Length (mm)480 (19")
Max.Grinding Width (mm)170 (6")
Distance from Table Surface to Spindle Center (mm)460 (18")
Maximum Table Loading (including electromagnet) (kg)180 (396lbs)
Standard Mag. Chuck Size (mm)150 × 450 (6" × 8")
Longitudinal MovementManual Travel (mm)530 (20.9")
Hydraulic Travel (mm)N/A510 (20")
Table Speed (infi. variable) (M/min)N/A5 – 52 M/min
Cross MovementManual travel (mm)180 (7")
Rapid Travel, approx. (60HZ / 50HZ) (mm/min)N/A170
Automatic Traverse Travel (mm)N/A0.5-10 (0.02"-0.39")
Handwheel per Graduation (mm)0.02 (0.0001")
Handwheel per Revolution (mm)5 (0.2")
Vertical DownfeedRapid Travel, approx. (60HZ / 50HZ) (mm)N/AN/A100
Automatic Traverse Increment (ADS) (mm)----0.001~0.099
Handwheel per Graduation (mm)0.005 (0.0002")
Handwheel per Revolution (mm)1 (0.04")
Grinding WheelWheel Size (OD x W x B) (mm)Ø203 × 12~19 × Ø31.75 (Ø8" × 0.5" × Ø1.25")
Spindle Speed (60HZ/50HZ) (rpm)3450 / 2850
Spindle MotorSpindle Motor (kW)1.5
Crossfeed Motor (W/ kW)N/A40W
Elevating Motor (kW)N/A0.15KW
Hydraulic Motor (kW)N/A0.7KW
Machine Size/ WeightNet Weight (kgs)740
Gross Weight (kgs)840
Packing Dimension
L x W x H (cm)
1480 × 1120 × 1950
(55" × 44" × 76.8")

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.


  • Balancing Stand
  • Parallel Dressing Attachment
  • Electromagnetic Chuck
  • Auto. Demagmetizer
  • Permanent Magnetic Chuck
  • Manual Demagnetizer
  • Angle Dressing Attachment
  • Radius Dressing Attachment
  • Digital Readout
  • Spare Wheel Flange
  • Coolant System W/Mag. Sep. & Paper Filter
  • Coolant System W/Paper Filter
  • Combine Coolant & Dust Collector
  • Dust Collector