Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility
Supertec Machinery, Inc. is committed to the pursuit of competitiveness and profitability steady growth, reward shareholders, customers and take care of employees, but also did not forget the presence of corporate social responsibility, comply with the location in ethics, corporate governance, labor, health and safety and the environment prescribed by law and regulations.
Social Participation
Company founder Mr. Chu Kuo-Tsai (Charles), who is the former chairman of the company, and the company's motto is "taken from the community, giving back to society." For the principle of "Thanksgiving, cherish, enthusiasm, responsible for" the spirit of enterprise, in addition to outside the industry joined forces to operate, but also to take up corporate social responsibility to help solve social problems for the community into one effort.
Operation Concepts
Long for children who are at risk, we provide regular sponsorship and donations to "social welfare Nantou County Elim Care Association". We adopt a long-term funding program for the unfortunate children’s after school care, prompting a group of children after school for a warm placement. We help children of dysfunctional families fill up the gap, which enhances learning growth to a brighter future.
Best Workplace
Personnel training
Based on the functionalities, we establish a comprehensive system of personnel training for the development of core competencies, enhancing professional functions and management functions. We launch inventory exploration on human potential among our internal staff to carry out series of nurturing activities, which reserves the succession of the management team.
Employee Engagement
Open communication channels, set the proposal prizes to encourage employees to explore issues for the company to provide suggestions for improvement.
Industrial Safety and Health
For industrial safety and hygiene, there are cases of advocacy, material safety data, safety and health education, disaster prevention, etc.; also, there is industrial safety case for staff reference, which improves industrial safety and hygiene for more than helpful.
Welfare System
In addition to our colleagues, we offer good welfare based on law for each insured labor insurance, national health insurance, group insurance, and otherwise the travel insurance when traveling, so that our colleagues can be fully protected during the working period. We also set staff restaurant to meet the needs of colleagues’ dietary plan.
Child Care
For our employees’ dependent kids (those who are high school students), we provide summer jobs during summer reading and we also offer special care for young people as well as the resettlement.
We Care about Yous
SUPERTEC pledges to provide cutting edge services based on customers' demands. SUPERTEC's customized services are developed to satisfy users' requirements, and the company is good at setting up total solutions for users before, during, and after the purchase of the products.
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