CG-1015/1215 SERIES


Base on our years of research, development capabilities and grinding application experiences, we produced professional precision grinders for our customers to facilitate their production. Supertec has confident that this machine surely will improve the productivity of your factory as well as the accuracies of your products. The Supertec Centerhole Grinders are designed for grinding the center holes of workpieces to ensure the accuracies of its following OD grinding operations. There are 2 different grinding modes, Workpiece Rotation Grinding Mode and Grinding Wheel Revolution Axis Grinding Mode, to fulfill various requirements. They are easy-to-operate machines.


The unique design of the wheel head has two axis, Planetary axis and Rotation axis.

  • Speed of grinding wheel spindle is from 8000 to 20000 rpm
  • Grinding Spindle Motor 1.5 HP with adjustable speed
  • Planetary Axis Motor 100W with adjustable speed
  • Standard grinding wheel Ø25 mm
  • Work Piece Rotation Motor 100W
  • Manual swing-down diamond dresser
  • Safety Wheel Guard design


WorkpieceDiameter of WorkpieceØ5~Ø150(0.2"~6")
Length of Workpiece50~1000(2"~40")/50~1200(2"~48")
Max Weight of Workpiece100kgs(220lbs)/td>
Grinding CapacityCone Angle of Center Holes60°
Diameter of Center HolesØ2~Ø50(0.08"~2")
Planetary Axis Stroke1.5(0.06")
Grinding SpindleDiameter of Grinding WheelØ25(Ø1")
Speed of Grinding Spindle8000~20000rpm
MotorGrinding Spindle Motor220V / 1.5 HP / 3 ph
Planetary Axis motor220V / 100W / 3 ph
Dust Collection Motor220V / 0.5 HP / 3 ph
Vertical DownfeedMax. Stroke200(8")
Micro Feed
(Handwheel per Revolution)
Micro Feed
(Handwheel per Granduation)
Dressing DeviceDiamond Dresser80(3.2")
Handwheel Per Revolution1.5(0.06")
ElectricityPower Source220 V , 50 / 60 Hz , 3 ph
Electric Power1.5 KVA
WeightNet Weight1000kgs (2200lbs)

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.


  • Ø38 Mm Grinding Wheel
  • Ø42 Mm Grinding Wheel
  • Ø50 Mm Grinding Wheel
  • Dust Collector
  • Driving Dog
  • Center Sleeve Extension (For Tailstock)