GA –CNC Series


Machine Base 

The heavily ribbed box-type base is made of Meehanite casting, providing excellent rigidity to ensure machine stability. Optimum distance between the guideways offers excellent table support to increase Z axis positioning accuracy and repeatability.

Work head

The sturdy rigid-designed workhead equipped with precision bearings is electronically controlled giving variable spindle speeds. Workhead swivels 90°counterclockwise to 30°clockwise for various grinding operations. A combination live and dead-type spindle allows for quick changeover from center to chuck operation or vice versa. A dual oil seal and cover prevent coolant seepage into the workhead.


The design of the tailstock is both rigid and robust. Housed in a Meehanite case body, the hardened nitralloy steel sleeve is designed to carry a MT4 center for G32A/G38A. Movement of the sleeve is adjusted by a knob to give a light or heavy load. An optional hydraulic tailstock with foot pedal is available for easy loading and unloading of parts.

Wheel spindle

A combination of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings, surrounded by a high pressure oil film, eliminates metal-to-metal contact to provide high rigidity as well as high vibration damping performance. A pressure switch interlock prevents spindle start-up until oil pressure is established. The pressure switch interlock also stops the spindle if oil pressure fails. Both features ensure high accuracy and longer spindle life.


Both the double V and flat guideways are hand scraped and Turcite coated, and utilize an automatic lubrication system, precision ballscrew, AC servo motor and a 0.001mm (0.000020”) linear feedback system. This combination allows for a smooth movement of the wheelhead which delivers a longer way life with superior positioning accuracy and repeatability. The enlarged and properly sloped drainage troughs under the wheelhead base help to control thermal growth and provides the rapid coolant drainage needed during heavy grinding cycles.

Work Table

The rigid table with box-type construction travels on a cushion of oil with no metal to metal contact. An automatic lubrication system operates continuously to ensure smooth movement and consistent accuracy. Z-axis positioning accuracy and repeatability is assured with an AC servo motor and high precision, pre-tensioned ballscrews. A swiveling table dial indicator enables rapid cylindrical corrections and taper grinding applications. The table is fully supported over the full travel to avoid any overhang.

Automatic Lubrication System

Slideways, ballscrews and spindle are continuously lubricated by an auto-lube system to ensure long service life and maintain maximum accuracy. Hydraulics coolant and lubrication systems are separated from machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat.

System for Automation

A highly-automated grinding system can be customized with a wide selection of optional equipment including an automatic OD sizing device, gap control, crash control and touch probe for axial positioning.



Description/ModelG32A / G38A / G45A –35 / 50 / 80 / 120 CNC
General CapacitySwing over Tabel (mm)Ø320 (Ø12.6") / Ø380 (Ø15") / Ø450 (Ø18")
Distance between Centers (mm)350 (14")500 (20")800 (32")1200 (48")
Max. Grinding Diameter (mm)Ø300 (Ø12") / Ø350 (Ø14") / Ø430 (Ø17")
Max. Load Held between Cenetrs (kg)150 (330lbs)
Grinding WheelDiameter x Width x Bore (mm)Ø510 × 50~100 × Ø152.4
(Ø20" × 2"~4" × Ø6")
Wheel Speed (rpm)1390
Max. Peripheral Speed (M/min)2000~3600
( X Axis )
Rapid Feeding Speed (M/ min)6
Infeed Travel (mm)225 (9")
Min. Increment Infeed (mm)Ø0.001 (Ø0.0001")
Spindle TypeBearing Type
WorkheadSpindle Speed (Variable)(rpm)Max. 350
Center Taper (MT)MT 4 (opt. MT 5)
Spindle TypeFixed & Rottary
Diameter of Bore (mm)Ø23 (0.9")
TailstockQuill Travel (mm)25(1")
Center Taper (MT)MT 4 (opt. MT 5)
Table (Z Axis)Rapid Feeding Rate (M/ min)8
Min. Increment Infeed (mm)0.001 (0.0001")
Swivelling Angle C.C.W
MotorWheel Spindle Motor (kW)5
Workhead Spindle Motor (kW)1.5
Lubrication Pump5.2 L/min 10kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump20 L/min 55kg/cm2
Coolant Pump80 L/min 0.7kg/cm2
Wheel (X Axis) Motor (kW)1.2
Wheel (Z Axis) Motor (kW)1.21.8
Machine Size/ WeightNet Weight (kgs)5200 (11440lbs)5600 (12320lbs)5800 (12760lbs)6300 (13860lbs)
Gross Weight (kgs)5600 (12320lbs)6420 (14124lbs)7500 (16500lbs)7800 (17160lbs)
Packing Dimension (L x W x H - mm)4250x2280x2260

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.


  • Balance System
  • Crash Control
  • Gap Control
  • Touch Probe
  • Auto Sizing Device
  • I.D Attachment(Variable)
  • Shaft
  • 5C Collet Closer
  • 5C Collets
  • 3 Jaw Scroll Chuck
  • 4-Jaw Chuck
  • 4 Jaw Scroll Chuck
  • Fixed Back Plate
  • Adjustable Back Plate
  • 2-Point Steady Rest
  • 3-Point Steady Rest
  • Z-Axis Digital Readout
  • Spare Grinding Wheel
  • Spare Wheel Flange
  • Lube Oil Temperature Regulator
  • Oil-Mist Separator
  • Full-Enclosure Splash Guard


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G32A-50CNC's Application

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