• All essential castings are rib reinforced to provide a rigid machine structure for long lasting accuracy and stability.
  • The precision cartridge spindle equipped with 4 pieces of preloaded class 7 (p4) super precision angular contact ball bearings to ensure high accuracy and superior grinding finish.
  • Spindle, couplings, and spindle motor (15HP) are precisely balanced for low vibration and powerful output to achieve precision grinding accuracy.
  • Rigid table with box-type structure travels on a cushion of oil with no metal-to-metal contact to provide excellent way longevity.
  • Column guideways are Turcite-B coated and precisely hand scraped to provide a smooth movement for better accuracy and longer way life.
  • The rigid wheelhead travels on wide contact hardened and ground guideways and is precisely positioned with a stepping motor to ensure better downfeed repeatability.
  • Crossfeed mechanism incorporate with a precision ball screw, AC inverter provides smooth accurate crossfeed and allows criss-cross grinding for better grinding surface finish.
  • Hydraulic, coolant and lubrication systems are separated from machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat. Heat exchange is used on hydraulic system to maintain normal temperature of hydraulic oil.
  • All moving surfaces and rotating parts are continuously lubricated by an auto-lube system to ensure long service life and maintain maximum accuracy. An alarm light will illuminate if oil pressure drops below present pressure.
  • PLC control uses a menu-driven color LCD touch screen is easy to learn and easy to set. Simply fill in the blanks to set total grinding amount, rough increment, fine increment, spark-out passes, feeding direction, parking position, wheelhead retract distance, and press cycle start to complete automatic grinding cycle. (NC model only).
  • Positioning accuracy and repeatability is assured with an AC servo motor and high precision pre-tensioned ballscrew. (CNC model only)


General CapacityTable Size (mm)600×2000 (24"×80")600×2500 (24"×100")600×3000 (24"×120")
X Axis Travel (mm)2000 (80")2500 (100")3000 (120")
Z Axis Travel (mm)600 (24")
Grinding WheelDistance btw Spindle Center to Table (mm)700 (28")
Mag. Chuck Weight / Height660830990
Max. loading of table (kg)2000
X AxisX Axis Manual Traverse (mm)---
X Axis Hydraulic Travel (mm)2150 (85")2650(104")3150(124")
Hydraulic Cylinder Specification(NC type) (mm)Ø50 × Ø28 ×2200Ø50 × Ø28 ×2700Ø50 × Ø28 ×3200
Primary Hydraulic Pressure (kg/m2)25
Hydraulic Pump Capacity (Q L/min)58
Maximum Feeding Speed of Working Table (M/ min)25
X Axis Servo Motor Power (kW)2.2(CNC)
Y AxisRapid Feeding Rate (M/ min)1.5
Electric Hand Wheel Shifting Unit (mm)0.1  / 0.01 / 0.001
Y Axis Servo Motor Power (kW)1.8kw
Z AxisRapid Feeding Rate (M/ min)1~15
Electric Hand Wheel Shifting Unit (mm)0.1 / 0.01 / 0.001(CNC)
Z Axis Servo Motor Power (kW)1.8kw (CNC)
Wheelhead( X Axis )Grinding Wheel (mm)Ø405 ×50 × Ø127 (Ø16"× 2" × Ø5")
Wheel Linear Velocity (M/min)2000
Spindle Motor Power (kW)11.2
Max. Wheel Spindle Speed (rpm)1800
Coolant SystemCoolant Pump80 L/min 0.7kg/cm2
Hydraulic SystemPump Motor Power (kW)5.2
Hydraulic Pump20 L/min 55kg/cm2
Lubrication SystemLubrication Pump5.2 L/min 10kg/cm2
Machine Size/ WeightNet Weight (kgs)9800
Gross Weight (kgs)10000
L x W x H(mm)4500×2300×2500

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.


  • Balancing Stand
  • Electromagnetic Chuck
  • Auto. Demagmetizer
  • Parallel Dressing Attachment
  • HYD. Parallel Dressing Attachment
  • Spare Wheel Flange
  • Dust Collector
  • Radius Dressing Attachment
  • Digital Readout
  • Coolant System W/Paper Filter
  • Angle Dressing Attachment
  • Combine Coolant & Dust Collector
  • Coolant System W/Mag. Sep. & Paper Filter