PMG Series

The Supertec PMG series has been in the market 25 year, the long lasting performance has been proven by the market. The brand new Supertec PMGxA Series is the revolutionary product of Supertec Machinery of 2023, fully achieved Industrial 4.0 by integrating a complete/realtime monitoring system of the entire production line.


Wheel Head

PMG series use the wheel head (Automatic B-axis) with 2 OD wheels and 1 ID wheel, for performing complex grinding operations, such as OD / Taper / ID grinding operations, under one setup to reduce cycle time, operation costs, and get better accuracy performances..

  • CNC controlled wheel head (B-axis) with servo motor output 1.2 kw
  • B-axis (±2.0”)PR or (±5.0”), can equipped with either Heidenhain or Fagor encoder.
  • OD spindle motor output 5HP, equipped with CE certified safety cover
  • OD wheel size (LHS) Ø405x 50 xØ127 mm
  • OD wheel size (RHS) Ø305 x 25 xØ127 mm

Special Coolant System design

Coolant flow through the whole machine via nozzle system during the grinding operation. Extra heat will be taken away to prevent transformation, ensure the accuracy performance. Grinding chips will be washed away by the current to keep the cleanness of the machine


Description/ModelPMG-60 / 100 CNC (A)PMG-60 / 100 CNC (B)
General CapacitySwing over Tabel (mm)Ø360 mm (14")
Distance between Centers (mm)600 (24")1000 (40")600 (24")1000 (40")
Max. Grindind Length (mm)500 (20")800 (32")500 (20")800 (32")
Distance from Center Tip to Table (mm)192 (7.6")
( X Axis )
Max. Load Held between Centers (kgs)150 (330 lbs)
Wheel Size – LH (D x W x B)Ø405 × 50 × Ø127
(Ø16" × 2" × Ø5")
Wheel Size – RH (D x W x B)Ø355 × 38 × Ø127
(Ø14" ×1.5" ×Ø5")
OD Spindle Speed (50/60Hz) (rpm)1575 / 1795
Wheel Peripheral Speed (M/min)2000 ~ 3600
ID Spindle Diameter (mm)90 (3.5")
ID Spindle Speed (rpm)A Type:Grease 8000/15000/20000/30000 rpm
(Opt. High Freq Built-in Type)
B Type:High Freq Built-in Type 40000 rpm
ID Shaft Diameter (mm)Ø7~ Ø25 (Ø0.27"~ Ø1")
Rapid Feeding Speed (M/ min)6
Min. Increment Infeed (mm)Ø0.001 (Ø0.0001")
Infeed Travel (mm)275
WorkheadWorkhead Spindle Speed (rpm)Max 350
Center Taper (MT)MT 4
TailstockQuill Travel (mm)25(1")
Center Taper (MT)MT 4
( Z Axis )
Swivelling Angle C.C.W
Rapid Feeding Rate (M/ min)8
Min. Increment Infeed (mm)0.001 (0.0001")
Wheel Spindle Motor (kW)3.75 (opt. 5)
B Axis Servo Motor2.5
Workhead Spindle Motor (kW)1.53
Frequency Spindle Motor (kW)Grease:1.5KW / High Freq Built-in Type 6KW
Hydraulic Pump20 L/min 55kg/cm2
Coolant Pump80 L/min 0.7kg/cm2
Wheel (X Axis) Motor (kW)1.2
Wheel (Z Axis) Motor (kW)1.2
Machine Size/ WeightPacking Dimension (L x W x H - mm)4663 (100CNC: 5273) × 2225 × 2134 (183" × 88" × 84")
Net, approx.5600
(12346 lbs)
(13669 lbs)
(12566 lbs)
(13889 lbs)

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.