GP- H / NC Series

The Manual and the NC type machine has gone through a long and tough history.
It is the machine with the most affordable price, yet maintaining strong rigidity and long lasting precision.


  • Heavily ribbed box-type base is made of Meehanite castings, providing excellent rigidity to ensure machine stability.
  • Hydraulic, coolant and lubrication systems are separated from machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat.
  • Sturdy rigid-designed workhead is electronically controlled giving variable spindle speeds ranging from 30-350RPM. Workhead swivels 90°CCW to 90°CW for various grinding operations. A dual oil seal and cover prevents coolant seepage into the workhead.
  • The design of the tailstock is both rigid and robust. Housed in a cast body, the hardened nitralloy steel sleeve is designed to carry a MT4 center.
  • Optional hydraulic tailstock with foot pedal is available for easy loading and unloading of parts.
  • Cartridge type wheel spindle is equipped with four super precision class 7 (ABEC) bearings incorporated with 7 1/2 HP spindle motor ensure high accuracy.
  • One V and one flat hand-scraped guideways are Turcite coated and incorporated with an automatic lubrication system and micro-stepping motor. Smooth movement of the Wheelhead delivers longer way life with superior positioning accuracy and repeatability.
  • A special upper slide design adds 7” (180mm) in total wheelhead travel and increases grinding capacity.
  • Rigid table with box-type structure travels on a cushion of oil with no metal-to-metal contact. Table is fully supported in the full travel to avoid overhang. A swiveling table dial indicator enables rapid cylindricity corrections and taper grinding applications.
  • Slideways, leadscrews are continuously lubricated by an auto-lube system to ensure long service life and maintain maximum accuracy.
  • The hinged, swing-down internal grinding attachment (optional) swings down into working position easily and quickly. A patented locking device adds safety as it prevents the ID attachment from swinging down abruptly.
  • PLC control uses a menu-driven LCD touch screen is easy to learn and easy to set. Simply fill in the blanks to set total grinding amount, rough increment, fine increment, spark-out passes, feeding direction, parking position, and retracting clearance, and presscycle start to complete automatic grinding cycle. (NC Models only)


Description/ModelG32P / G38P / G45P –60 / 100 / 150 / 200 H / NC
General CapacitySwing over Tabel (mm)Ø320 (Ø12.6") / Ø380 (Ø15") / Ø450 (Ø18")
Distance between Centers (mm)600 (24")1000 (40")1500 (60")2000 (80")
Max. Grinding Diameter (mm)Ø300 (Ø12 / Ø360 (Ø14") / Ø430 (Ø17")
Max. Load Held between Cenetrs (kg)150 (330lbs)
Grinding WheelDiameter x Width x Bore (mm)Ø405 × 50 × Ø127
(Ø16" × 2" × Ø5")
Max.peripheral speed (M/min)2000
( X Axis )
Swivelling Angle(R & L)±30°
Infeed Travel245 (9.6")
Handfeed Travel (mm)200 (7.9")
Automatic Rapid Travel (mm)45 (1.77")
Top Slide Travel180 (7")
Auto Increment Infeed (NC model)Ø0.001 ~Ø0.999 (Ø0.001" ~ Ø0.0999")
Handwheel per GraduationØ0.004 (Ø0.0002")
Handwheel per RevolutionØ2 (Ø0.1)
WheelheadSwivelling Angle+10° ~ -90°
Center Taper (MT)MT 4 (opt. MT 5, 5C)
Spindle Speed (rpm)Max. 350
TailstockCenter Taper (MT)MT 4 (opt. MT 5)
Quill Travel (mm)25(1")
Table (Z Axis)Swivelling Angle C.C.W
Traverse Speed (mm/min)30~7000 (1"~275" )
Handwheel per Revolutionmm10 (0.39")
Internal GrindingSpindle Speed (rpm)15000 (or 30000)
Max. Grinding Bore (mm)Ø30~ Ø100 (Ø1.18"~ Ø3.94") or Ø20~ Ø50 (Ø0.79"~ Ø1.97")
Max. Grindind Length (mm)110 (4.3") or 55 (2.2")
Max. Chucking Length (mm)315 (12.4")
Max. Chucking Diameter (mm)Ø150 (Ø6")
MotorWheel Spindle Motor (kW)5
Workhead Spindle Motor (kW)1.5
Coolant Pump80 L/min 0.7kg/cm2
Hydraulic Pump20 L/min 55kg/cm2
Internal Grinding Motor (kW)1.5(2P)
Machine Size/ WeightNet Weight (kgs)3500 (7700 lbs)3600 (7920 lbs)4700 (10340 lbs)6000 (13200 lbs)
Gross Weight (kgs)4000 (8800 lbs)4700 (10340 lbs)5600 (12320 lbs)6780 (14916 lbs)
Packing Dimension (L x W x H - mm)3030×2250×2030

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.


  • I.D Spindle
  • Balancing Stand
  • Manual Lever 5C Colser
  • 5C Collets
  • Parallel dressing Attachment (Manual)
  • Parallel dressing Attachment (Manual)
  • Hydraulic Parallel Dressing Attachment
  • 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck
  • 4-Jaw Chuck
  • 4-Jaw Scroll Chuck
  • Fixed Back Plate
  • Adjustable Back Plate
  • 2-Point Steady Rest
  • 3-Point Steady Rest
  • Digital Readout
  • Radius Dressing Device
  • Angle dressing Device
  • Spare Grinding Wheel
  • Spare Wheel Flange
  • Coolant System w/Mag. Sep & paper Filter
  • Coolant System W/Paper Filter


G32P-60H-NC's Application