Hydrualic Dressing Unit

A hydraulic dresser is equipped on both grinding & regulating wheels. Various types of from dressing can be achieved with optional template.

Wheel Spindle

The hydrostatic Babbitt type spindle bearing with a 3 point support design and pressurized, filtered , recirculating oil system, eliminates metal-to-metal contact, thus providing a heavy duty grinding capability as well as high vibration dampening performance. A pressure switch interlock prevents spindle start-up until oil pressure is established. The pressure switch interlock also stop the spindle if the oil pressure fails, thus providing a longer spindle life.

Machine Structure

The machine base is made of Meehanite casting, which is normalized and stress relieved, providing maximum rigidity to assure machine stability and vibration free operation.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic & lubrication system is air cooled to maintain constant oil temperature, and is also separated from the machine to eliminate vibration and dissipate heat.


Description/ModelSTC-24S NC
General CapacityWork Diamater (with Standard Workrest) (mm)Ø1~ Ø 80 (Ø0.04"~Ø3.15")
Work Diamater (with Special Workrest) (mm)Ø80~ Ø150 (Ø3.15"~Ø6")
Auto Infeed Increment (NC Model) (mm)Ø0.001~9.99
Grinding WheelGrinding Wheel Spindel Speeds (rpm)1050
Dressing Incrementper graduation (mm)0.01 (0.0005")
per revolution (mm)2 (0.05")
Reulating WheelReulating Wheel Spindle Speeds (Infinitely Variable) (rpm)10~250
Handwheelper graduation (mm)0.05 (0.002")
per revolution (mm)3.5 (0.2")
Swivelling Angle(R & L)±5°
Inclining Angle±5°~ -3°
Dressing Incrementper graduation (mm)0.01 (0.00025")
per revolution (mm)2 (0.05")
Rapid Feeding of Saddle Handwheelper graduation (mm)0.05 (0.002")
per revolution (mm)9 (0.35")
Micro Feeding of Saddle Handwheelper graduation (mm)0.001 (0.00004")
per revolution (mm)0.2 (0.005")
MotorGrinding Wheel Motor (kW)15 / (opt.22)
Hydraulic Motor (kW)1.5
Infeed Servo Motor (NC model) (kW)3
Machine Size/ WeightNet Weight, approx. (kg)5800 (12760lbs)
Gross Weight, approx. (kg)7100 (15620lbs)
Packing Dimension (L x W x H - mm)3070 × 2250 × 2160
(121" × 89" × 85")

Remark:We reserve the right to modify the specification relating to any of the above machines wirhout notice.


  • Balancing Stand
  • Coolant System W/Mag. Sep. &Paper Filter
  • Coolant System W/Paper Filter
  • Input Rail & Output Rail (L:8" / Ea)
  • Long Thrufeed Guides (6ft/Ea) W/Stands
  • Spare Grinding Wheel
  • Spare Wheel Flange
  • Thrufeed Blade (Various Sizes)
  • Infeed Workrest (STD)
  • Infeed Blade (Various Sizes)
  • Hydraulic Auto Infeed Attachment
  • Air Eject Attachment
  • Electrical Eject Attachment
  • Wheel Balance System
  • Loading System (Conveyor Type)
  • Receiver
  • Automatic Loading For Thrufeed
  • HYD.Forming Attachment
  • Forming Plate /Forming Arbor


STC-24's Application